Top-5 SMM trends in 2023
Top-5 SMM trends in 2023


1. Gamification


Engaging your followers by turning content into a game format has been a popular strategy for some time now. Contests, polls, clickbait’s for comments, and similar tactics are not new concepts. However, gamification is expected to rapidly evolve and grow in the near future. The modern content consumer is easily drawn into interactive gameplay, making it easier to connect with the audience. Many bloggers are expected to leverage gamification actively.


2. The rise of influencer marketing


The advertising budgets allocated to influencer marketing (bloggers) by modern companies continue to grow each year. Businesses are increasingly seeking the assistance of bloggers and are not hesitant to expand the volume and frequency of their interactions. Additionally, some bloggers may require additional activity on social media platforms to maintain their level of influence. In such cases, some bloggers may resort to purchasing Instagram Saves.


Collaborative products between businesses and bloggers, extensive product advertising, and bloggers becoming the face of a product or product line will become more common in the future.


3. E-commerce


E-commerce is becoming increasingly accessible to a wide audience. Even small businesses can now easily sell their products and services through social media platforms. Social networks recognize this trend and actively contribute by introducing new sales tools, tracking statistics, creating advertisements, and more.


This toolkit will continue to expand, providing businesses and bloggers with additional opportunities to grow and reach new audiences.


4. Virtual and augmented reality


Virtual and augmented reality technologies have seen significant development in various areas of our lives, and social networks have not been left behind. While the integration of VR and AR technologies is still evolving, it is certain that social networks will contribute to their advancement in the near future.


This can be observed through the recent appearance and popularity of various "Masks" created in some social networks.


5. Digital avatars


The creation and promotion of digital avatars, essentially computer-generated virtual bloggers, is gaining popularity worldwide. Through the efforts of the individuals behind these virtual bloggers, digital avatars are becoming the faces of blogs, channels, products, and even companies.


Given the rapid growth in this industry driven by modern technologies, digital avatars are not only a way to attract additional audiences but also a means to create an image that reflects the interests of the general public. Consequently, it is likely that many bloggers will adopt this trend and create new accounts with virtual avatars. Therefore, it is worth exploring when to start a second social media account.


(By the way, the example in the picture is not a real person but a virtual blogger.)


These are the SMM trends expected in 2023! Technologies are constantly advancing, and social networks evolve alongside them. The Get My Likes team is always ready to assist you in the development of your blog, and our commitment to providing the best.