Instagram Blue Tick Verification SMM Panel
Instagram Blue Tick Verification SMM Panel

Instagram Blue Tick SMM Panel

Instagram is getting more popular day by day and if you are not using it then you are not using the potential of technology especially if you're a business owner. If you have a business to promote on instagram then getting that instagram blue tick is very important but getting that blue tick is not easy. 

It's like getting a gold star for being real and trustworthy. But let's be real, getting verified on Instagram isn't a walk in the park. It's like trying to crack a secret code.

But guess what? There's a shortcut! It's called Instagram Blue Tick SMM Panel. These are like super helpers that know all the tricks to get you verified on Instagram without all the headache. 

In this blog post, we're going to talk about GetMyLikes helps you get that blue tick on Instagram without pulling your hair out. We'll break down what it means to be verified, how SMM panels work their magic, and why you should consider Our Blue Tick SMM Panel.

What is Instagram Blue Tick?

The Instagram blue tick is a symbol that appears next to the username of certain accounts on the platform. It indicates that Instagram has verified the authenticity of that account. In other words, it shows that the account belongs to a public figure, celebrity, brand, or entity of public interest. 

The blue tick helps users distinguish between authentic accounts and impostor accounts, providing assurance that they are following the real person or organization. Getting a blue tick typically involves a verification process by Instagram, which requires providing official documentation or meeting specific criteria set by the platform.

Requirements for getting Blue Tick on instagram

1. Authenticity:

Your account must represent a real person, business, or entity. This means that you cannot create an account pretending to be someone else.

The information provided on your account must accurately reflect the person or entity it claims to represent. Misleading information can lead to disqualification from the verification process.

Instagram verifies accounts to ensure that users can trust the authenticity of the profiles they engage with. Therefore, only genuine accounts are eligible for verification.

2. Uniqueness:

Your account must be the unique presence of the person or business it represents. This means that you cannot have multiple accounts impersonating the same individual or entity.

Instagram's verification process aims to distinguish authentic accounts from fake or duplicate ones. Having multiple accounts impersonating the same entity can lead to confusion among users and undermine the credibility of the platform.

It's important to ensure that your account stands out as the primary and official representation of the person or business it represents.

3. Completeness:

Your account must be public, meaning that anyone can view your profile and posts without needing approval to follow you. Private accounts are not eligible for verification.

A complete bio and profile picture are essential for verification. Your bio should provide relevant information about yourself or your business, while your profile picture should be clear and recognizable.

Additionally, having at least one post on your account is necessary for verification. This demonstrates that your account is active and regularly engages with the Instagram community.

4. Notability:

Instagram verified accounts that are of public interest or have a significant following. This includes celebrities, public figures, brands, and entities with a large and engaged audience.

To increase your chances of verification, your account should be well-known and highly searched for on Instagram. Being featured in multiple news sources or media outlets can also support your verification request. If you don't have these requirements than you can choose our instagram blue tick smm panel service.

Instagram considers the impact and influence of the account within its niche or industry. Accounts that have made notable contributions or have a significant presence in their respective fields are more likely to be verified.

Meeting these requirements demonstrates to Instagram that your account is authentic, unique, complete, and notable, making it eligible for verification and the coveted blue tick badge. Keep in mind that while meeting these criteria increases your chances of verification, Instagram's verification process also considers other factors such as adherence to community guidelines and the platform's discretion.

Process of Blue tick verification by Instagram

The verification process for obtaining the blue tick on Instagram involves several steps and considerations. While Instagram doesn't provide detailed guidelines on how to get verified, the process generally follows these principles:

1. Eligibility Assessment:

  • Instagram typically reserves verification for accounts that are deemed to be of public interest. This includes celebrities, public figures, brands, and entities with a significant following and influence.

  • Your account must comply with Instagram's Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Any violations or suspicious activity may disqualify your account from the verification process.

2. Account Preparation:

  • Ensure that your account meets the requirements outlined earlier, including authenticity, uniqueness, completeness, and notability.

  • Verify that your account is set to public, with a complete bio, profile picture, and at least one post.

3. Verification Request:

If your account meets the eligibility criteria, you can request verification through the Instagram app by following these steps:

  • Go to your profile and tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner.

  • Select "Settings" from the menu, then tap on "Account."

  • From the Account menu, tap on "Request Verification."

  • Fill out the verification request form, providing your account username, full name, and any additional information requested by Instagram.

  • Upload a photo of your government-issued ID or official business documentation to verify your identity or affiliation.

  • Submit your request and wait for Instagram to review it.

4. Verification Review:

  • After submitting your verification request, Instagram will review your account to determine whether it meets the verification criteria.

  • The review process may take some time, and Instagram does not guarantee that all verification requests will be approved.

  • Instagram's review team assesses factors such as authenticity, uniqueness, completeness, notability, and adherence to community guidelines.

5. Notification:

  • If your verification request is approved, Instagram will notify you via a notification in the Instagram app.

  • Upon approval, the blue tick badge will be added next to your profile name, indicating that your account has been verified.

Instagram reserves the right to revoke verification badges if an account violates its policies or no longer meets the eligibility criteria. Therefore, maintaining the integrity and authenticity of your account is crucial even after obtaining the blue tick verification badge. If you have a smooth process then opt for our instagram blue tick smm panel and easily get your blue tick.

GetMyLikes- The Best instagram blue tick verification SMM Panel

1. Expert Guidance: GetMyLikes boasts a team of social media experts well-versed in the verification processes of various platforms. They provide valuable insights and guidance on navigating the intricacies of blue tick verification.

2. Verification Assistance: Users can leverage GetMyLikes' verification assistance service, wherein the panel's experts handle the entire verification process on behalf of the client. From compiling documentation to liaising with platform representatives, GetMyLikes streamlines the verification journey.

3. Compliance Assurance: GetMyLikes ensures that all verification requests comply with the platform's guidelines and eligibility criteria. By meticulously adhering to these requirements, the panel maximizes the likelihood of successful verification.

4. Expedited Process: With instagram blue tick smm panel, users can expedite the verification process, significantly reducing the typical waiting period associated with verification requests. This swift turnaround time ensures timely attainment of the blue tick badge.

5. Ongoing Support: GetMyLikes offers continuous support throughout the verification process, addressing any queries or concerns that may arise. This personalized assistance ensures a seamless experience for users seeking blue tick verification.

Benefits of Using GetMyLikes instagram blue tick SMM Panel

1. Enhanced Credibility: Attaining the blue tick verification badge enhances your profile's credibility and authenticity, instilling trust among your audience.

2. Increased Visibility: Verified accounts enjoy heightened visibility and preferential treatment within social media algorithms, resulting in greater reach and exposure.

3. Improved Engagement: Verified profiles tend to attract more engagement from users, as they are perceived as reputable and authoritative figures within their respective niches.

4. Competitive Advantage: By securing blue tick verification through GetMyLikes, users gain a competitive edge over non-verified counterparts, solidifying their status as prominent influencers or brands.

5. Streamlined Process: GetMyLikes simplifies and expedites the verification process, sparing users the hassle of navigating complex verification procedures independently.


Our instagram blue tick smm panel serves as a valuable ally in the journey towards blue tick verification on social media platforms. Through its expert guidance, verification assistance, and commitment to compliance, GetMyLikes empowers users to enhance their credibility, visibility, and engagement.

By leveraging the services of GetMyLikes, individuals and businesses can unlock the full potential of blue tick verification and elevate their social media presence to new heights.

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Q1: How can I easily obtain the blue tick on Instagram using an SMM panel?

A1: You can easily obtain the blue tick on Instagram by utilizing the services of an SMM panel. These panels offer verification assistance, where they handle the verification process on your behalf. They ensure that your account meets all the necessary criteria and expedite the verification process, making it a hassle-free experience for you.

Q2: How many followers do I need to qualify for the blue tick on Instagram?

A2: There isn't a specific number of followers required to qualify for the blue tick on Instagram. While having a substantial following can enhance your chances of verification, it's not the only factor considered. Instagram primarily looks at the authenticity, notability, and credibility of your account, rather than just the follower count.

Q3: How much does it cost to use an SMM panel to obtain the blue tick on Instagram?

A3: The cost of using an SMM panel to obtain the blue tick on Instagram varies depending on the panel and the services offered. Prices can range from a few dollars to several hundred, depending on the level of assistance required and the complexity of the verification process.

Q4: What are the benefits of having the blue tick on Instagram?

A4: The blue tick on Instagram offers several benefits, including enhanced credibility, increased visibility, improved engagement with your audience, and potential opportunities for partnerships and collaborations with brands and influencers. It signifies authenticity and trustworthiness, making your profile stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

Q5: Can I purchase the blue tick on Instagram directly?

A5: No, it's not possible to purchase the blue tick on Instagram directly. Verification is granted based on authenticity, notability, and compliance with platform guidelines. However, you can use the services of an SMM panel to assist with the verification process and increase your chances of obtaining the blue tick.